About Me

I was born and raised in California. I left when I was 19 to join the Army and got to run around and play with guns for a couple years as an MP. I had a blast, but I knew that wasnt the type of lifestyle I wanted to keep living. I love being open and free about my sexuality so I found my way into dancing and then web camming. I took a long break pursuing some other things in life but I found my way back and I'm looking to meet new friends and have fun. Any tips are appreciated, big or small. Even a small tip lets me know you are enjoying yourself and that you like our time together :)

I love having fun and laughing. I tend to be a bit of a smart ass but don't ever take offense to anything I say. If I poke a bit of fun at you, it just means I like you. I won't get mad if you do it back as long as you're just playing and teasing like I am. I'm here to have a good time and make some friends so as long as that's what you want too, it will be like a party whenever we're together.

What are my passions? I love to cook, especially baking. I sew when I have time and love making funny or vulgar cross stitches. I love anything to do with design, like web design and decorating. I'm a closet exhibitionist. I love expressing my sexuality but I'm not one to draw too much attention to myself in public situations. That's why I love camming so much!

room rules

My number one rule is just to be respectful. I'm not your sexual puppet and you don't get to pull my strings. Please don't bark orders at me to do something. If I'm sitting down and you really want to see my ass, tip for it and be polite or you'll have to wait patiently until I decide to show it off. If you don't like my music, conversation, outfit, etc, I don't care to know about it. I want people in my room to love what they see and hear so if you don't, please find another room to enjoy instead of trolling in mine. I have thick skin but if you continue to be rude after a warning, you will be banned. If you want to apologize and come back, TIP 1000 TOKENS and you'll get one last chance.

I have token countdowns for my shows or lottery every day. If you want to stay and enjoy the show, it's appreciated if you contribute towards the overall goal. No amount is too small and it is always greatly appreciated! What I do during my shows is up to me, but it always ends with me (and hopefully you all) getting off. If I do an anal show, the size of the toy depends on how much I've had to drink at the time so if I'm sober, don't bitch :)

Remember that I'm new so please be patient with me. I'm still learning how everything works but I'll be a pro soon with your help!

token menu

my videos

Silly BJ

This is my first video. My hopeful attempt at a sexy blowjob started off great, but a silly toy malfunction turns this video into an out take. Good for a little sexy fun and a laugh! Video length is 01:03 and it's yours for 100tks

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Glass Dildo

Anytime is a good time for some play with my purple glass dildo and bullet vibrator. Watch me tease and play with myself before having an awesome orgasm. Damn, making these movies are fun! Video length is 03:41 long and it's yours for 200tks

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high tippers

I greatly appreciate any tips you give me. This is a little place to recognize the special people that go above and beyond with extra special love

monthly individual high tip

The winner gets SnapChat for life, a pair of panties(worn or perfumed)and I'll view your cam when I'm online the following month

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monthly overall contributor

The winner gets a custom video, SnapChat for life, a pair of panties (worn or perfumed)and I'll view your cam when I'm online the following month

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tip clubs

become a flirt

Tip 690 tks and get your name on my wall, a friend add and my eternal gratitude.

team passion

Tip 3690 tks and get your name on my wall, a friend add, snap chat forever, 3 months video access and personal photo

my love affairs

Tip 6969 tks and get your name on my wall, a friend add, snap chat forever, 6 months video access, personal photo and Skype friend add

take my breath away

Tip 16,900 tks and get your name on my wall, a friend add, snap chat forever, 12 months video access, personal photo, Skype friend add with 15 min date, my panties (worn or perfumed) and the overall feeling of knowing you are one bad ass mother fucker!

my highest tip & husband

my schedule


I'm usually online from 8:00 PM until 10:00 PM




I'm online from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM


I'm online from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM


I'm online from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM


I'm online from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM


I'm online from 7:00 AM until 10:00 AM

Tags: blonde, big boobs, hot, horny, strip tease, masturbate, sweet, young, cute, funny, sassy, tease, nice ass, fun, long hair, dancer, green eyes

meaning of life:

Having fun and making the most out of the time you have. Don't waste your time being mad or spiteful. Just get off and everything will be better! Did I just come up with the answer to world peace?!?

five things I can't live without:

The internet, my cats, my morning coffee, laughing daily (usually at myself), and probably ice cream - that's pretty important.

favorite books:

I'm a huge Stephen King fan. I love a good horror book, but I don't have much time to read anymore. Someday I want to take vacation where all I have to do is lounge around with a good book while floating in a pool - guess it better be laminated :)

what I like to do for fun:

I honestly love porn. When I'm not on MFC, I'm designing porn sites, looking for sexy outfits and coming up with fun ideas for shoots. I love sitting around fires and camping, drinks with friends and vegging out to a good show or movie

favorite songs:

Thong song? HAHA, JK. I like so many genres of music that it's hard to choose just a few songs. What I listen to depends on my mood so my favorite one day won't do it for me another day.

craziest thing I've done:

While it's normal for me, I guess most people would think that being a dancer and sharing my life on webcam was pretty crazy.


I love playing basketball (I'm the Queen of backboard shots), doing web design and just hanging with Netlix. Can wine be a hobby?

turn ons:

It's sexy when someone is confident but not cocky. A guy with manners will get pretty far with me. I can't stand a guy with an attitude who thinks making a girl feel like shit will make her want him. Oh, and don't talk to me about how girls never want to date you because your dick is so big. True story, sadly.

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